Residential Subdivision Design

CRA Survey has worked with clients, contractors and authorities to design subdivisions that maximise site opportunities and create desirable places to live while being responsive to environmental issues, planning requirements, servicing constraints and marketability.

CRA Survey has built up an extensive and reliable network of consultants and contacts such as Civil Engineers, Traffic Engineers, Landscape Architects, Arborculturists, Architects, Valuers, Estate Agents and Builders. This network we’ve developed are always on hand to assist in designing a subdivision to optimally meet the client’s requirements and obtain Council approval.

Small Lot Subdivisions

CRA Survey has vast expertise in projects that create small lots.  This can require designing the subdivision with building envelopes and site controls to guide construction of dwellings. The outcome can be an attractive urban environment which has regard to adjoining properties but retains flexibility to enable lot purchasers to customise the dwelling design to suit their needs and allow building designers opportunity for innovation.

Building Subdivisions

This includes the subdivision of units, apartments, retail, commercial and industrial buildings. CRA Survey has specialist expertise with regard to: staging of subdivisions with Owners Corporations, Common Property and Owners Corporation issues, allocation of lot entitlement and liability, determination of the appropriate location of subdivision and stage boundaries, planning requirements, and preparation of plans based on building drawings to enable pre-selling.  Special care is given to the management of the subdivision approval process to ensure the Plan of Subdivision is approved in time to allow the settlement of any sales as soon as practical.